I love Nigeria!#Proudly Naija.

Timi is one damn fine artist, why he is not yet mainstream popular i've no idea. It has nothing to do with his kind of music because TY Bello sings uplifting, inspirational songs too and each and every one that has a video have been so wildly popular and some anthem of some sort (The land is green, I am the future, Ekundayo also got some great airplay). She didn't become really, really mainstream popular because she refused to play at shows. Just release songs and go back to photography :-)

I think #1 it has to do with his videos, he loves monochrome, we love colour! Virtually all his videos are in black and white. WTF!

He sings and expects it to go viral. Push it man! Do so promo, get active on twitter, radio, blogs, TV (Soundcity, Mtv and the likes). It's not exactly rocket science, you are already a known face, why not leverage on that.

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