There is just something about this song that makes it come across like it has an unfinished version.

#2: The video is quite similar in some parts to the Mr. Endowed (original and remix) videos. Nice beats though, the kind guaranteed to make your car/juke box jump, lol.

Download to your mobile device here.

Davido's All of You Video. Cool Song, cool video. I listen to it when i'm down and I feel like hyping myself a little bit. The song can ginger spirit especially when everywhere is quiet; just my and my earpiece and thoughts streaming through my head.

Nice one David and Sesan (the director of the video). Did anyone notice when the video vixen woke up from bed (after *coughs* with Davido) all made up, like there was not as much as a smudge on her red lipstick?!! Sesan toh bad! Grand Oversight, lol.

Download to mobile here.

I love Nigeria!#Proudly Naija.

Timi is one damn fine artist, why he is not yet mainstream popular i've no idea. It has nothing to do with his kind of music because TY Bello sings uplifting, inspirational songs too and each and every one that has a video have been so wildly popular and some anthem of some sort (The land is green, I am the future, Ekundayo also got some great airplay). She didn't become really, really mainstream popular because she refused to play at shows. Just release songs and go back to photography :-)

I think #1 it has to do with his videos, he loves monochrome, we love colour! Virtually all his videos are in black and white. WTF!

He sings and expects it to go viral. Push it man! Do so promo, get active on twitter, radio, blogs, TV (Soundcity, Mtv and the likes). It's not exactly rocket science, you are already a known face, why not leverage on that.

Mobile download here

Jedi and Reminisce really? Conspicuous means "big and confusing" and "irritating" *gasps* Reminisce's Yoruba English is too die for, nice talking-swags. "Mi o mo, I don't really know, Oyinbo ko la fi n gbowo wole"

Solidstar's companion was hilarious; talking crap in French, it sounded nice and sexy to my ears though.

Godwon was just rapping away, forming Gangstar cuz he knew the answer unlike one dude that was yarning okpata with swAGZ forming JayZ+kanye together, Shioor.

Evaezi was super confused, mixing conspicuous with its antonym, inconspicuous. She is a lovable personality though. Playful and bubbly, I like!

Download to your mobile here

Oh well, I was traumatised at the obvious lack of education of our stars, lol.

Bovi, Thumbs up!

Iyanya & Kcee: Two Airheads!

Eva: lol! "When Trauma catch you tight na, you know traumatize by me" hahaha. Am i the only who thinks her Swagz is on point, babe has got Swagger on reloaded (in spadessssssssssssss mahn).

Sound Sultan: Funny Dude forming Malcom X, he was so academic; started well but ended with Jagbajantis.

Funniest Moments

Dammy krane for the girls! Dude is an entertainer, his facial expression and mannerism is to die for! Too funny. According to him, Traumatize means to be surprised, hahhahahha, olodo but his example was hilarious "Omg! lolo, mummy, see Rick Ross without his shirt, with his big belly, I'm traumatized! hahaahhahahahahahahha.

Watch out for the funny fast-talking Igbo dude with the accent to match. Typical Omo-ina, lmao.

Download to your mobile device here

hahahahahaha, this is definitely a must watch and a must save. You absolutely need to have it saved somewhere; on your phone, PC, Ipad, wherever man, just save it for those boring days. I swear it's a keeper, I've watched this (and laughed hard) more than 10 times since yesterday night.

Funny Moments

Funke Akindele is just hilarious "Lemme quickly sare check my dictionary"

Tosyn Bucknor is just something else.

Alariwo is blonde? Somehow the dude was convinced Haphazard had something to do with fear *gasps*

Jazzman Olofin? hahahahaha. Dark lips and Goatie, he knew what Hazard meant ("I bin go Secondary school") but sadly could not relate it with haphazard.

#palmonthefacemoment? Ksb and Wunmi Obe. Ksb is an English Language graduate?*shudders*

Surprise? Bovi!!! Dude is good (This is the second word of the day he is getting right) even Lolo had to ask what course he studied in school.

Funny video. Like I said it's a keeper. To download on your phone, please click here.


Inspiring speech, huh?

Good for the American people, I don't like him much but i do admire and love his oratory skills.

Click ?here to download to your phone.

Interesting! A whole bunch of stuff you've probably never heard and weren't expecting to hear:
Wizkid has a crush on Genevieve! *gasps*

Yeah, little Starboy loves Aunty G and yeah he talks about flying private jet, back-to-back shows every single day last December (Crazy!), being pals and having direct contacts with Jeezy, Wale, Mike Posna etc and he is already planning on diversifying, so yes, we've been told to expect some nice Starboy shoes, sunglasses and more (hmmn, Young dude is made).

PS: The chemistry between Toolz and Wizkid? Smouldering! Funny cuz he looks quite cute and small besides Toolz but he was flirting with all the same and she was eating him up!

Download to your mobile by clicking here. thanks and if there's any video you would like to have on your mobile, feel free to tell me about it in the comment section below.

No hurtful/hateful comments, be true to yourself and great around here, Peace and Love. Xoxo.