hahahahahaha, this is definitely a must watch and a must save. You absolutely need to have it saved somewhere; on your phone, PC, Ipad, wherever man, just save it for those boring days. I swear it's a keeper, I've watched this (and laughed hard) more than 10 times since yesterday night.

Funny Moments

Funke Akindele is just hilarious "Lemme quickly sare check my dictionary"

Tosyn Bucknor is just something else.

Alariwo is blonde? Somehow the dude was convinced Haphazard had something to do with fear *gasps*

Jazzman Olofin? hahahahaha. Dark lips and Goatie, he knew what Hazard meant ("I bin go Secondary school") but sadly could not relate it with haphazard.

#palmonthefacemoment? Ksb and Wunmi Obe. Ksb is an English Language graduate?*shudders*

Surprise? Bovi!!! Dude is good (This is the second word of the day he is getting right) even Lolo had to ask what course he studied in school.

Funny video. Like I said it's a keeper. To download on your phone, please click here.


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